EGR valve Megane IDE

The EGR valve in the engine IDE to 2001 occurred in the later period because of the high failure rate and a significant intake pollution resign from its use. The EGR valve is expanded with a potentiometer measuring the degree of opening of the EGR valve standard with increased flow. The problem occurs after a low mileage, as the increased flow of highly polluting exhaust valve head, hindering its movement. However, each valve trim a read error will result in immediate opening degree. In extreme cases, you may end up excluding emergency engine.

Fortunately, you can remove the valve, clean it and go on. It can also be sealed so as not to brudził, but in this particular engine, this is not the best solution since the presence of gas in the mixture, not only diminishes but a mixture lowers the combustion temperature. If there is no gas in place of the inert gas is collected additional air and the computer on the basis of the oxygen sensor readings artificially increases the dose of fuel. In addition, increasing resistance to suction which also reduces the efficiency of the unit.

Despite this, most blind EGR intake for fear of an unpleasant surprise while driving. In use, the only difference is a bit violent reaction to the gas pedal in the 1700-3800 rev / min, and perhaps slightly less economical. However, according to PC Data 300 miles route difference was minimal. (Smooth running at a speed of about 70-80 mph, which is within the error limits.

The EGR valve is attached only under certain conditions:
  •     air temperature is greater than 10 ° C
  •     the engine temperature is greater than 70 ° C
  •     vacuum in the intake manifold is between 300-650 mbar
  •     RPM fall within the 1700-3800 rev / min
  •     motor load is selected within

EGR valve shut off in case of an error reading data from:
  •     motor temperature sensor
  •     air temperature sensor
  •     pressure sensor
  •     speed sensor
  •     EGR valve

Dissasembly of EGR valve

    The operation is quite simple, but it is best performed on a cold engine, as it is possible burns from hot engine parts

     Disconnect the battery, then remove the plug from the valve. Then unscrew the two screws securing the collector. Then remove the pliers clamp connecting the exhaust intake valve. Valve without problems comes up.

     To clean the valve must first soak the lower part of the middle penetrating. Then move the valve stem penetrating rinsing agent. After some time, the valve starts to operate easily.

     The valve is a fairly permanent feature outside the typical dirt and rarely causes damage to the potentiometer. In order to verify the correct operation of the valve can be connected to the 12V between terminals 4 and 6

Installation is carried out in the reverse order

Wiring diagram

1 - potentiometer output
2 - mass potentiometer

3 - the power of the potentiometer
4 - valve ground

6 - valve power supply

Potentiometer resistance
path around 5 k

output Load potentiometer 150Ω-5kΩ

valve 6 Ω resistance

EGR valve blockage