Fuel injectors

    The injectors are one of the least unreliable components of the injection system. However, in order not to have problems with them it is necessary to preserve the purity of the particular manipulation on an open injection system. Injectors are protected by triple filtration system:

     mesh filter in the fuel tank ,
     replaceable fuel filter (only Megane IDE)
     filter at the inlet of the high pressure pump
     filter at the inlet of the rail.
     filter under the fuel regulator

     Despite this, if a little dirt gets into the injection rail and is pulled through the injector, the blockage occurs. This can be seen most uneven engine and you can not diagnose the cause of this state of a computer. In this case, replace the clogged injector to fit.

Disassembly injectors rail

Very important! all work must be carried out only on a cold engine. To be safe, also have a fire extinguisher nearby. An attempt to remove the hot engine can cause a fire. The fuel is under high pressure and temperature is about 100 ° C. Unsealing of such a system leads to the immediate point of gasoline and throw it out, which can cause ignition and explosion of fumes or burns. Care must be clean, no dirt to get into the interior of the injection system. Failure to clean can lead to damage to the injectors.

  • Disconnect the air filter pipe and tube idle speed control
  • Remove the air resonator.
  • Unplug the vacuum hose support cylinder
  • Unclip the throttle potentiometer connector
  • Remove the ignition cables bar with coil (there is no possibility of confusion when wiring)
  • Unplug the vacuum sensor plugs and air temperature
  • Unplug the controller and pressure sensor
  • Unplug the idle control valve
  • Disconnect the crankcase vent
  • Disconnect the vent leading to the carbon filter
  • Remove the two screws "10" at the top of the collector and two "13" in front of the collector
  • Remove the two pins "M8" (middle and right) screws from the bottom of the collector. Pins on the left do not have to unscrew the collector has since cut to allow moving klektora right up. If you do not wykręcimy these pins, alternator hinder the possibility of photo collector. After removing the pins and removing one screw from the timing cover, the collector moves slightly to the right and up. No dial collector pins can also be pulled out, but you have to go a little twitch in all directions. Worse is the insertion, in addition, you can damage the gasket between the manifold and the head.

Disconnect the injector connector

Using a tool similar action to draw a complete rail mot1532 injectionUse a screwdriver to pull out the injectors securityPull out the injectors from the terminal
     Prior to installation, replace the upper o-ring sealing the in
jector. You should also replace the bottom seal teflon (only the original Renault). Installation takes place in reverse order. Be sure to topped O-rings before pressing the bar injectors, facilitates installation and prevents twisting them.

The tightness of the system is essential for the proper operation and safety. Therefore, all the operations you perform at your own risk.

Complete fuel rail

injector connector.

The injectors are connected in sequence between pins 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8.
Injector resistance is 1.78 Ω ± 5 ° C

Fuel injector

Damage to
the upper injector seals

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