Spark plugs

    F5R engine to recommend the highest quality platinum or iridium spark. Fuel injected into the cylinder by the piston cavity is collected in the vicinity of the spark plug but the same candle composition may deviate slightly from the stoichiometric ratio can lead to difficulties in the ignition of the mixture.
Durability of platinum spark a min of 20.000 miles.
     These candles can now be purchased at a price of about
£3-£5 at online stores.
     Even better parameters are platinum-iridium plugs also available for F5R engine. Iridium spark Prices range from
£10-£15. Iridium spark durability is at least 30.000 miles.

Ignition cables

    Quality problem also relates to a spark ignition cables which few people mentioned, and as a result they lose their aging properties. The most common damage is burning inside the core by what the damage is not visible from the outside, but there spark generated significantly weakens the spark at the spark. It should be noted that the failure of one wire causes problems and spark in two cylinders because of the connection of candles.
     The best are conductors with copper core, but you can also use the cable with a ferrite core. Good quality cables from the ProLine series can be purchased at the price of
£20. Ignition wires should be replaced along with every other exchanges candle is from 40.000-60.000 miles. Sign of damage to the wires or coil is usually uneven idling and during acceleration, but during cruising the engine it evenly.

Sagem ignition coil

    Another problem is the ignition coil Sagem numbers 8200141149 7700873701. Damage is often internal, invisible from the outside making it difficult to diagnose damage. This is especially true of coils with black leads. Coils with white (pictured) is already better.
     The order of the image lines with the first cylinder is from the gearbox.

Broken ignition coil

Bosh ignition coil

    A much better quality is ignition coil Bosch 7700873701 7700274008 numbers with Renault adapter.