High pressure pump

    High-pressure pump is supplied with fuel at a pressure of about 4.5 bar and produces the output pressure above 125 bar. Since there is no petrol pump is lubricating properties as it were "dry" so the design and selection of materials is of paramount importance for trouble-free operation. Very important is the quality of the fuel, as even trace sulfur content or other similar compounds formed inside the rusty sludge, which acts like sandpaper on the moving parts of the pump. Therefore, it is recommended to use high quality fuel (E98 or other of premium). Unfortunately, not very good quality fuel available in our market makes after several thousand kilometers begins to decrease pump performance and appears in front of the rail filter black settlements in favor of the life of the internal components.

     A common case of damage to the pump is also bursting valve springs pumping section. In case of damage to one section of the engine starts and can drive, but there is a problem with the engine load when the computer wants to raise pressure to 90 bar.
     It often occurs in the vicinity of a beeping pump providing an intense friction sliders under pressure. In this case, immediately pour the fuel in a ratio of 1:100 2T-oil. Riding with the squeaky pump will result in rapid wear.

     In order to prolong the life of the pump is recommended to periodically adding fuel cleaners, and adding small amounts of 2T-oil (1:200-300) for each refueling.

     High pressure pumps can also be regenerated. Cost recovery is dependent on the degree of damage, but in some cases recovery may be unprofitable. Recycled pump can withstand from 150.000 miles course depending on fuel quality.

Disassembly of high pressure pump

Very important
     The high pressure pump can be removed only on a cold engine. To be safe, also have a fire extinguisher nearby. An attempt to remove the hot engine can cause a fire. The fuel is under high pressure and temperature is about 100 ° C. Unsealing of such a system leads to the immediate point of gasoline and throw it out, which can cause ignition and explosion of fumes or burns.

     Remove the quick supply of the fuel and remove the steel cable connecting the pump with the rail [17]. Top hold the key [15] stub protruding from the pump, because it usually starts first and is unscrew the fuel line twisting. Then unscrew the three screws [10] securing the pump head to the body. The pump should just come out of the head. In the end of the injection moldings is reduced, which can also unscrew the occasion. Below it is the fuel filter mesh. Watch carefully that there are no black sludge on it or in extreme cases even chips. This precipitate indicates the life of the piston slides under and most likely the pump is suitable for regeneration or replacement.
     New pump price is from
£120 to £480. The cheapest you can buy a pump on ebay.

     The tightness of the system is essential for the proper operation and safety. Therefore, all the operations you perform at your own risk.

Broken and wearing the fuel pump

    Damage to the high pressure pump can be divided into two reasons: the first is natural mechanical wear occurs at 120.000-150.000 miles. As a result of friction pistons slide irreversibly they lose their integrity and the pump loses its parameters are not reaching the appropriate pressure. Fuel is seen as a black precipitate or even chip the filter strip at the entrance to the injection. If you replace the fuel pump for efficient.
     The second case is the damage to the pumping section. cracking is one of the valves; springs. In this case, the pump can be repaired by replacing the damaged section to be OK. In the case of damage to the two sections of the repair is dependent on the state of wear and can become longer profitable.

The precipitate in the filter at the input to the terminal coming from the injection pump slides