Camshaft setting

Replacing the
engine IDE timing set is not too complicated but it is sometimes necessary to use an impact wrench to loosen the nut crankshaft pulley. To correct the timing you need a device for locking the camshaft, without that proper alignment is impossible. Without locking the wheels after removing the timing belt switch themselves as a result of tension valve springs. All timing wheel are without retaining wedges, so we also need to lock the shaft, but here we use a simple extension to the key.

Often we do not know for what reason,  the services set timing wrong, it's exactly the shift of 2.5 tooth sprocket shaft exhaust valves relative to the camshaft. This delays the injection, which further consequence, reduces evaporation of the mixture and makes it difficult to ignite which may lead to uneven operation. Pictured motor with bad timing wheel set to [2] instead of [1].

Camshaft wheels tighten a torque of 30 Nm and then tighten by 45 °. The crankshaft pulley tighten with a torque of 20 Nm, then you should tighten by 115 ° + / - 10 °.

The belt kit includes a case Megane IDE belt, 3 rolls, and one tensioner roller cap. in case Laguna IDE includes: belt, roller, tensioner, water pump and one stopper shaft.

Tension settings

For proper belt tension settings there are marks on the tensioner. Before the tension the crankshaft must be turned few times, than belt properly composed on wheels. Then using Allen wrench tightens the belt tensioner watching for signs, if a match occurs, tighten the tensioner (28Nm). The tension should be checked again several times by turning the crankshaft. If signs continue to cover this belt is tensioned properly.

The original timing belt Renault. Recommended change every 60.000 miles and no less frequently than every five years. If you use another belt is recommended to shorten the lifetime.

The valve seals

When replacing the timing belt is best to check the valve seals, as they often are premature. After removing the intake manifold can be seen through the holes of inlet in what condition are the valves. The pictures view of the intake valves of the engine where the seals are just beginning to let go, and with broken seals that led to the total sizing valves.
Valve seals can be replaced without pulling the cylinder head, just narrow pliers to hold the valve did not subside after removing the spring.